Our Programs

We offer programs designed to develop athletes by building character and teaching life skills that will grow our children into adults that will make a positive impact in our world.

Character Building

We have identified the main values and character traits that we, at Beyond Athletes, believe are key to achieving this growth. These main values are what we call “foundations for success” and each foundational block has a subset of character traits that go with that main category or pillar. Our character development programs are structured around each of these pillars of success providing parents, guardians, teachers and coaches with an easy to implement tool box for building these skills in your children.

Life Skills Development

We also have programs that are designed to teach key life skills that are not always available or well developed in a school setting. Skills such as goal setting, communication, entrepreneurship, managing money, nutrition and wellness, self-confidence, personal empowerment, and more are all important to living life as a self-sufficient adult.
Our programs are offered in a variety of formats including books, videos, live academies and more! You can focus on specific skills sets or a variety of skills!

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