Brad Underwood, Head Coach Oklahoma State

“Fundamentals and discipline are two of the great things that Jim teaches the youth of today.  He has a knack for being honest and trustworthy with not only the players but their families.  He instills these qualities into his teams.  His dedication to the team is unparalleled only by his enthusiasm and his desire to have the young men succeed at their highest levels.”

Carl Clapp, Associate Athletic Director, Univeristy of Hawaii

“Jim Huber teaches students the values necessary to achieve academic excellence and athletic success.  He cares about the development of each individual and promotes teamwork, self-discipline, personal accountability and hard work all centered on a commitment to sportsmanship and respect for the opponent, officials and fans.  Coach uses athletics to share lessons that are important in the game of life!”

Steve Kanaby, Associates Commissioner, Colonial Athletic Conference

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jim Huber both professionally and personally for the last 20 years.  In my opinion, what sets Jim apart from other coaches is his integrity and compassion for the welfare of the student-athletes he’s coached over the years.  Anyone can have a passion for a sport.  But it’s a select group who has the ability to connect with the kids beyond the X’s and O’s that make for special ballplayers and, more importantly, better human beings.  True story, Jim and I are working Nolan Richardson’s Basketball Camp.  The moment we stepped into the gym, the kids gravitated to Jim as if to say … ‘this is our coach, we know he’s got our back’…”

Brad Justice, Parent of Athlete

“It has been my pleasure to know Rustin Dowd for the last 2 years. Rustin was recommended to me by a highly respected coach. I was looking for someone to train my 2 kids and to help me coach my basketball teams. Little did I know that my kids would get much more than a basketball coach. Rustin Dowd is an outstanding young man and the perfect role model for young people. While the kids admire and respect his many accomplishments on the basketball court, it is his character and integrity that adults appreciate. Rustin is a natural leader capable of making everyone around him successful. Rustin is the kind of person I hope my kids grow up to be.”

Neil & Carol Genilo, Parent of Athlete

“Jim Huber has been a positive impact on my son, teaching leadership skills and building character.  I saw how my son was held accountable in school, at home and on the basketball court. This approach has translated to tremendous results in my son’s performance in his game, in his school and in his relationships. He has learned to work hard and achieve his goals, despite obstacles or difficulties facing him. We are grateful to Jim Huber for helping our son believe in himself, improve his basketball skills and elevate his skills to a much higher level, both in basketball and in life.”

Kristi Whiteside, Parent of Athlete

This course should be required of all junior high and high school athletes! So much focus in athletics is on the physical, and we ignore the mental and emotional aspects. The content far surpassed my expectations and will set attendees up for success not only in athletics but in life!

Ashton Verhulst, Athlete

“It changed my whole outlook on what it really takes to be a successful athlete.”

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