At Beyond Athletes, we believe that our most important job as parents, teachers, coaches and caretakers is to raise confident, responsible and respectful children that will develop into extraordinary men and women.


We know that there is more to sports than just the game. Athletics and extracurricular activities offer the perfect platform to develop the participants not only in the sport, but also in life! We believe it is important to teach and reinforce key character traits and life skills that will become lifelong success creating habits. Our focus is to build these skills in our children through a team environment where parents, coaches, teachers, etc. are all working together as a team. We know that it truly “takes a village” to raise children!

Our Vision

Our children are faced with many struggles: peer pressure, bullying, temptations, failures, lack of self-confidence, obesity, mental health and more. As parents, we often try to protect them from all of these challenges by sheltering them and doing tasks for them. Although this is very well intentioned, is this really doing more harm than good in the long run? What happens to our children when they become adults? Do we have to continue to take care of things for them? Are we still going to be able to shelter them from life’s challenges? What happens in the moments when we can’t be there?

By utilizing our programs, your children will become more confident, positive, and self-sufficient. Your children will become empowered instead of enabled. So, when they are faced with life’s struggles, they will have the tools and skill sets available to confidently assess the situation and handle it in a responsible manner with positive outcomes!

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